Ann Caldwell Low


Ann Caldwell was born in 1782. She was a daughter in the very large family of Albany newcomers James and Elizabeth Barnes Caldwell. She also was referred to as "Anna Marie." Her father was a successful businessman and entrepreneur who maintained homes in Albany and beyond. Thus, he was able to match his Ann and his other children with exceptional mates.

By 1813, Anna Marie had married the Scottish born and educated physician James Low. The marriage produced but one son.

James Low was a promninent well-connected member of the budding Albany medical community. The couple made their home in the heart of Albany on State Street and then on North Pearl.

In May 1813, "Ann Low" was deeded one or more parcels along Maiden Lane by James and Elizabeth Caldwell.

Ann Caldwell Low died in Albany in 1820 at the age of thirty six. She was buried in the family plot at "Caldwell," today's Lake George. Her husband passed just two years later.

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