Peter Boyd


Peter Boyd was born during the 1770s. Community-based resources later noted that his father had arrived from Scotland in 1774 and that ten Boyd sons had been born and educated in the city of Albany. Thus, he would have been the son of brewer and businessman James and Margaret Mc Master Boyd.

In May 1803, he married Margaret Mc Murry at the Albany Presbyterian church. The union of these Albany residents produced a number of children. They were members of the Presbyterian church where Peter was a trustee from 1813 until his death.

These Boyds raised their family in the South End of Albany and lived nearby the businesses and home of his parents and siblings. Beginning in 1810, city censuses configured his fourth ward household. City directories noted his home and holdings on what became South Market Street.

In 1806, he was appointed lieutenant of the Albany milita regiment.

Like several of his siblings, Peter Boyd was a merchant and civic leader. Beginning in 1801, he served Albany as a fireman, alderman, and supervisor. He was a bank officer and an officer in the St. Andrews Society.

Peter Boyd died in July 1846. The newspaper obituary said that since 1803 he had been an Albany merchant in the house of Peter & John I Boyd and that he was an active member of the First Presbyterian church. His will passed probate in August. His widow survived until 1860.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Peter Boyd is CAP biography number 7401. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

Obit: July 3. Peter Boyd died. The father of Mr. Boyd arrived here from Scotland in 1774, and his ten sons were born and educated in the city. The deceased commenced business as a merchant in 1803, and the firm of Peter & John I. Boyd was extensively known from that time until 1830, for its probity and honorable dealing. Mr. Boyd was an active member of the First Presbyterian church, and diligently occupied in doing good.

His will passed probate on August 1, 1846. It first called for the payment of his debts. It left his wife Margaret his dwelling house and property on the corner of Franklin and Ferry Streets. His three unmarried daughters were to share equally a monetary bequest. His son James P. Boyd and his heirs wee to inherit the properties bequeathed to Margaret upon her death. Other properties were left to his daughters.

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