Longhouse model

A Mohawk Iroquois Village: An Exhibit at the New York State Museum

Three dioramas in this exhibit depict life in a Mohawk Iroquois village about 1600, before European influence greatly changed Iroquois culture. The dioramas include a scale model of an Iroquois village, part of a full sized longhouse with furnishings, and an agricultural field. This website presents scenes from these dioramas and explanatory text on Iroquois longhouses, village life and agriculture.

Table of Contents

Iroquois Village
Photographic prints with text
Iroquois fields
The Three Sisters
A guide to an Iroquois agricultural field diorama
Longhouse drawing
Iroquois Longhouse
A description of a longhouse: construction, interior layout and tools
Longhouse frame
Building a Longhouse Model
Plans and materials
Longhouse village
A Mohawk Iroquois Village circa 1600
A 20 slide set with annotations
Iroquois artifacts
Some Iroquois Artifacts
A 20 slide set with annotations
Quill pen
Eyewitness Accounts
Original descriptions of Iroquois longhouses by early European explorers

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