Tielman Van Schelluyne


Tielman Van Schelluyne (Tileman seems to have been a traditional family and/or diminutive form or variant of Dirck - the name of an older brother) was born in July 1688. He was the son of Cornelis and Geertje Visscher Van Schelluyne. He grew up in the second ward home of a middling leatherworker who died in 1728. His mother passed on six years later leaving a number of middle aged offspring to share in the family estate.

In 1713, he was named constable for the second ward. In 1719, he was appointed firemaster.

In 1715, he was counted among the men of an Albany militia company.

We seek documentation regarding his occupation and sources of livlihood.

In 1742, he joined his brothers on a list of city freeholders in the second ward.

Like his siblings, the distinctively named Tielman does not seem to have married. He was among the surviving siblings named in the will filed by his younger brother in July 1743. In July 1749, he was among those who witnessed the will of an Albany neighbor.

Probably living under a family umbrella, we have not encountered his name among Albany's stakeholders and only as a witness in the records of the Albany Dutch church beyond the notation of his burial in February 1762.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Tielman Van Schelluyne is CAP biography number 6443. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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