Will of Johannes Van Schelluyne - 1743

(Written in Dutch language) - In den Nanem des Heeren, Amen, July 29, 1742-3,

I, Johannes Van Schellreyne, residing in the city of Albany.

I leave to my brothers, Tileman, Hermanus, and William Van Schellreyne, and to my sister, Hester, all my real and personal estate, and I make them executors.

Witnesses, Harme Bastyse, Jacob Van Woert, Tunis Visger.

Proved before Myndert Schuyler, Esq., December 4, 1746. The executors were confirmed April 25, 1751.

page in progress but complete as printed


Will dated July 29, 1743. Probated December 4, 1746. Printed in Abstract of Wills, vol. 28 (for 1895), p 333.

Transformed from an online printing by SB. Some spelling and usage ajustments utilized.

Jacob Van Woert = several possibilities.

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first posted: 3/15/13; updated 5/14/13