Will of Thomas Lynott - 1769

I, Thomas Lynott, of Potomocassock, in the County of Albany, do make this my last will and Testament in manner following.

All debts and funeral expenses are to be paid by Joseph Griswold, of New York, distiller, and James Barker, of Woodstock, in Albany County, Gentleman, whom I make executors. I leave to them all my lands and tenements in this Province, in Trust, to sell and pay all debts, and they are to have 50 for their trouble.

I leave to my wife 1/3, in lieu of all claims, and the rest to be put at interest for supporting and bringing up my daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret, until they are of age. I leave to my daughter Elizabeth, when of age, 400, and the rest to be divided between them. If both die, without issue, then the whole is to go to Hubert Lynott, son of my brother, Luke Lynott, and to my cousin, Sibby Lynott, of Dublin, in Ireland, and to the children of my sister, Mary Hutchinson.

Witnesses, Hugh Denniston, innkeeper, Martin G. Van Bergen, Rachel Deniston.


Will dated November 4,1769. Probated September 26, 1770. Printed in Abstract of Wills, (for 1898), p. 390..

Transformed from an online resource by SB

"Potomocassock:" Probably because of the puzzling spelling, we cannot define the precise location/meaning of that term. It probably is somewhere near the southern boundary of old Albany County.

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first posted: 9/5/11