Will of Samuel Coeymans - 1754

In the name of God, Amen. I, Samuel Coeymans, of the manor of Rensselaerwyck, being advanced in years, but of sound mind. All debts and funeral expenses to be paid.

I leave to my wife Catrina all personal estate, to do therewith as she shall think fit. I leave to my nephew, Andries Ten Eyck, 1/2 of all that tract or parcel of land situate near Achquetock, on the north side of the Hanacroys kill or creek, beginning at a certain cedar post marked with a cross, 25 paces from a certain small creek which is on the east side of a certain piece of land called the Popple Vlachte (Poplar Flat), and thence a thousand paces broad, and thence west till it makes a thousand paces above the Popple Vlachte, thence south to the bounds of David Ver Planck, and thence along the said bounds to the division line between Thomas Witbeck and Andries Ten Eyck, Together with the house, barns, barracks, and other improvements, and now in the possession of said Andries Ten Eyck, And he is to pay yearly to my wife 10 shillings. The other 1\2 of said tract I leave to the children and grand children of my nephew, Coenradt Ten Eyck, deceased, viz., Jacob C. Ten Eyck, Anthony Ten Eyck, Barent Ten Eyck, Tobias Ten Eyck, Margaretie Ten Eyck, Geritie, wife of Peter Gansevoort, and Elizabeth Bradt, daughter of Geritt Bradt, deceased, And they shall pay yearly to my wife 10 shillings.

And it is my will that Geritie Ten Eyck, widow of Coenradt Ten Eyck, shall enjoy the rents during her life.

All the rest of my real estate I leave to my wife Catharine during her life, and then to be sold by my executors, and the proceeds to be paid to the children of my brother, Andries Coeymans, and the children of Peter Coeymans, and the children and grand children of Coenrad Ten Eyck, deceased, and the children of Johanes Bleecker, and the children of Barent Ten Eyck, and to Nicholas Van Potten, son of Mariche Van Potten, widow. Whereas my brother, Andries Coeymans, was in his life time indebted to me in a sum of money, which still remains unpaid, my executors are to retain from the share of his children enough to pay the debt, and it is to be paid to my wife Catrina. If any of my devisees are molested in their title to my lands, the cost of the same is to be paid out of my estate.

I make my wife, and my nephew, Jacob C. Ten Eyck, and Anthony Ten Eyck, executors.

Dated June 25,1754. Witnesses, Isaac Bogert, Guisbert Van Sant, David Ver Planck. Proved in Albany, September 9, 1754, before Myndert Schuyler, Esq.

[editor's note] The lands mentioned are a part of the Coeymans Patent, and are [about ten miles south of Albany] in the north part of the town of New Baltimore, in Greene County. The Coeymans Patent is a tract of about 12 miles square, and was granted to Barent Pietersen Coeymans in 1673.



Will dated June 24, 1754. Probated September 9, 1754. Printed in Abstract of Wills, vol. 29 (1896), p. 27. Some spelling, punctuation, and paragraphing supplied.

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