Will of Philip Livingston - 1748

In the name of God, Amen. July 15, 1748, I, Philip Livingston, of New York, being in perfect health and considering the infirmity and mortality of man and the uncertainty of this life, have thought best before I leave this earthly state to dispose of my temporal goods which it hath pleased God far above my deserts to give me.

My executors are to pay all debts due to any person whatever.

I leave to my eldest son Robert Livingston, Jr., all my lands and tenements in the manor of Livingston, with the grist mills and saw mills, furnace, forge and all buildings and premises, and improvements I have made on the manor, which are very considerable, Together with all the tools and utensils. I also leave to him the house and lot in the city of Albany, on the north side of Joncker street, and fronting on the west side of Pearl street, as it was bequeathed to me by my father, Robert Livingston, Esq.; Also a lot of ground which I bought and exchanged from the heirs of Isaac Ver Planck, with part of the house built thereon; Also the house and lot on the west side of the house first mentioned; All which lands were devised to me by my father in fee tail. I also leave to him 3 negroes, 12 horses, 6 geldings, 6 mares, 6 cows, 6 sheep, 6 hogs, and my chariot and my gold watch.

And if I happen to die between the First of February and the First of September, my wife and children are to have the use of the grist mill and house, to grind, bolt, pack and ship off all their wheat into flour and Cornell and manufacture all their wheat that shall be brought before September 1st . She paying the miller and the baker, and to bake the Cornell into bread. My executors are to make an inventory of all things, except what are left to my son Robert. I leave to my wife, Catharine Livingston, all the rest of my real estate in Albany County and in New York, or elsewhere, during her life, with power to sell personal property for her support, and for educating my two daughters, Alida and Catherine, and they are to have the same portions as I have paid to my sons Robert, Peter, John, Phillip, Henry, and William, and my daughter Sarah, wife of William Alexander, namely £1,000 when they are of age or married, besides household furniture to make them equal to my other children. After my wife's decease, all my estate is to go to my children, Peter Van Brugh, John, Henry, Philip, William, Sarah, wife of William Alexander, Alida and Catherine. I leave to my wife my houses and lots in New York, during her widowhood. I leave to my son. Peter Van Brugh Livingston, the house in which he lives, with my part of the lot in New York near the Old Slip. I leave to my son John the house in which he lives in Broad street. To my son Phillip the house in which he lives in New York, on Burnets Key, with the lot and store house. My daughters are to be maintained out of my estate, and the cost is not to be a part of their portions.

My executors have power to sell real estate. And I make my wife and my sons executors.

Witnesses, Cornelius Clopper, John Richards, John Clopper. Proved, July 5, 1749.

[note.—The house and lot of Philip Livingston, in New York, was the entire front on the east side of Broad street, between Stone street and "Mill street," now South William street. The north part of this was the house left to his son, John Livingston, the south part was afterwards sold to Dr. John Charlton. The house and lot left to Peter Van Brugh Livingston, is on the north side of Hanover Square, 75 feet east of William street. Phillip Livingston owned a lot extending from Pearl street to Front street, 30 feet west of Pine street. The house on Burnets Key (or Quay) now Front street, and left to his son Philip, was a part of this lot.—W. S. P.]



Will dated July 15, 1748. Probated July 5, 179. Printed in Abstract of Wills, vol. 30 (Collections for 1895), pp. 230-31. Some paragraphing, spelling, and punctuation adjusted.

Transformed as it appears in an online printing by SB

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first posted: 9/10/12