Will of Petrus Van Driessen - 1738

the name of God, Amen, January 29, 1737/8. I, Petrus Van Driesen, of Albany, being sick in body.

I leave to my wife Eva, all my estate during her widowhood, with power to sell with the consent of two of my children. After her decease, I leave all my estate to my four children, Petrus, Hendrick, Johanes, and Anna. I leave to my daughter Anna, after my wife’s decease, all her clothing and my Large Bible, “and a parcel of books in use about my house.”

And whereas I own jointly with my wife, a certain house and lot in New York, conveyed unto us by the heirs of Hendrick Cuyler and Anna Cuyler, deceased, October 10, 1721, And also a tract of land in the Maquas Country in Albany County, on the north side of the Maquas river, conveyed to us by Peter Quackenboss and his wife Neeltie as by deed, We agree to settle it as follows: We leave the said house and lot and tract of land to our three sons, Petrus, Hendrick, and Johanes.

I make my wife Eva, and my children, executors. Signed by Petrus Van Driesen and his wife Eva, as their last will.


Will dated January 29, 1738 Proved on September 20, 1738. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 27, pp. 237-38.
Eva's signature makes this a joint will although she later filed one on her own.

Transformed by JP

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