Will of Nicholas Brower - 1777

" In the name of God, Amen. I, Nicholas Brower, of Albany, being weak in body.

I leave to my eldest son, Nicholas, my lime kiln, with two acres of land whereon it is erected in Poughkeepsie Precinct, in Duchess County. I also leave him a bond of 200 which he gave me; Also 1/2 of a lot on the south side of Wappingers Creek, being two or three acres; Also 1/2 of another lot containing about 30 acres.

I leave to my son David 200 acres of land out of the lands I purchased of Gerardus Beekman and his brother, lying about nine miles above Schenectady on the north side of the Mohawk river. I also leave him a negro man.

I leave to my son William the lots which I purchased from Barent and Elizabeth.Staats, in Albany, and the other 1/2 of the two lots above mentioned.

I leave to my son Jeremiah the second choice of 200 acres of land of the lands above Schenectady; Also 80 when he is of age. I leave to my son Jacob the third choice of 200 acres of the said lands; Also 80.

I leave to my five daughters, Jane, wife of William Conklin, Mary, Sarah, Lena, and Catharine, each 1/5 of the remaining 600 acres of land above Schenectady. I leave to my daughter Elizabeth a bond for 100 which my son Nicholas gave to me.

I leave to my wife Sarah the money remaining in my house, with which she is to fit up my new Schooner, lying at the wharf in this city, for the support of her and my small children; Also a negro woman and my household furniture, and a horse and cart and a negro man.

I leave to all my children all my rights in two certain Indian purchases, one for 4,000 acres near Sacondaga, and one for 3,000 acres on the Susquehana, which I purchased of Thomas Palmer, and they are to pay for getting the Patent.

My executors are to sell my two lots, one in Poughkeepsing Precinct, called Mattapanfall, and the other in Rumbouts Precinct, for the most they can obtain.

I leave to my brother Cornelius 30.

As it is possible that my beloved wife at this time is pregnant and with child, it is to have 150 when two years old, to be put at interest by my executors.

I make my wife Sarah, and my son Nicholas, and my friend, Henry T. Bogart, executors." Dated September 17, 1777. Witnesses John David, George Enax, John Roorbach.

Proved in Albany County, before John De Peyster, Esq., November 15, 1777.

Codicil. The bond given to me by my son Nicholas for 100 is to be given to my wife for support of children. I leave to my daughter Elizabeth 100 acres of land above Schenectady, and 100 acres to my younger daughters. September 21, 1777. Witnesses, John David, John Willis.



Will September 17, 1777. Probated November 15, 1777. Printed in Abstract of Wills, [in N-YHS Collections for the year 1900, pp. 152-53].

Paragraphing and some punctuation supplied. Transformed from an online resource by SB

Most likely Albany resident Henry I. Bogert.

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