Will of Gerrit Spoor - 1719

Gerrit Spoor of Albany

Wife Mary, children Johannes, Annmary, Cornelia, William and Abraham

Real and personal estate.

Executors, the wife and Clas van Worrt.

Witnesses Abraham Staats, Johannis Maesen and Rutger Bleecker.



Will dated .May 26, 1719. Probate June 3, 1720. Printed in Calendar of Wills, #1677 (p.381).

Transformed from an online resource by SB. Although traditional sources note a bible left to Gerrit's eldest son, we have not yet encountered the actual will document or an abstract. Perhaps the will appears in "Book I. of Wills, p. 167 (City of Albany)."

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first posted: 6/30/13