Will of Francina Staats - 1728

Be it known and manifest, that I, FRANCINA STAATS, of New York, widow of Col. Joachim Staats, late of the County of Albany, being at this time very sick. "Considering the Frailty and fragility of this present life." All debts and funeral charges to be fully paid.

I leave to my well beloved brother, Jacob Leisler, my two negro boys called "Jef" and "Tob," to serve him during his natural life, and after his decease, to my well beloved daughters, Jacoba Kierstede, wife of Jesse Kierstede, Francina Lewis, and Elizabeth Staats. I leave to my daughter Jacoba, a negro girl, "Annihe." To my daughter Francina, a negro girl, "Floor." To my daughters, Jacoba and Francina, my negro woman, "Diana," and her son. To my daughter Elizabeth, two negro girls, "Jenni" and "Nanni." Also 20 to buy a silver tankard. I leave to my daughters, Francina and Elizabeth, the same, and the like portion of clothes, linnen and woolen, and household stuff, as I have already given to my daughter Jacoba, at the time of her marriage. And to prevent and dispute concerning the same, I will that my brother, Jacob Leisler, ascertain the same, as to quality and value thereof. All the rest of my personal estate I leave to my three daughters. And whereas I am seized in fee, by virtue of certain mesne conveyances in the Law, made to me by my said brother, Jacob Leisler, of sundry lots or Tofts of ground in New York, near the Commons of said city, which are denoted on a certain map made thereof, and other lots, conveyed by my brother, Jacob Leisler, to his other sisters, which map is in possession of my said brother, as will appear by his conveyance. And having already sold some of them, I dispose of the rest in manner following. My executors are to sell Lot No. 140 and pay the money to my three daughters. I leave to my daughter Jacoba five Lots, Nos. 86, 87, 113, 114, 128. To my daughter Francina, five lots, Nos. 92, 93, 118, 191, 122. To my daughter Elizabeth, five lots, Nos. 41, 42, 98, 99, 127.

I make my brother, Jacob Leisler, sole executor. "I have set my Hand and Seal, in New York, this 19th day of August, in the second year of King George II, 1728."

The X mark of Francina Staats.

Witnesses, Jacob Marius Groen, Balthazar De Hart, Matthew Du Bois. Endorsed, "3d August, 1765, proved by the oath of Matthew Du Bois, of Duchess County, Esq."

[editor's note: Jacob Leisler, whose life and acts are so important a part of the history of New York, left children, Jacob, Susannah, wife of Michael Vaughton; Catharine, wife of Robert Walters; Mary, wife of Jacob Milborn (she afterwards married Abraham Gouverneur); Hester, wife of Barent Rynders; and Francina, the testatrix of the above will. She was baptized Dec. 16, 1676. She married, 1st Thomas Lewis; 2d, Col. Joachim Staats, who died about 1712. The lots of land mentioned in the will are a part of Jacob Leisler's farm, through which Frankfort Street now runs.]



Will dated August 19, 1728. Printed in Abstract of Wills, (1903), pp. 186-88. Paragraphing supplied.

Transformed from an online resource by SB. Also trransformed via Ancestry.com.

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first posted 12/1/17