Will of Edward Holland - 1756

In the name of God, Amen. I, Edward Holland, of New York, merchant, being of sound and disposing mind. "My Body to be decently buried in my own vault in Trinity Church yard," and all debts and burial charges to be paid.

I leave to my son, Henry Holland, all that tract of land lying at or near Schoharie, in Albany County, which I purchased in company with Volkert P. Douw. I leave to my daughters Jane and Elizabeth 305 6s. 9d. each, being their 1/3 part of what I received from the estate of their grand father Bayeux, deceased, and is in satisfaction of their legacies. I leave to my grand son, Edward Nicoll, 100. I leave to my daughters Jane and Elizabeth 300 in consideration of the outsetts heretofore given to my daughter Nicoll. I leave to my son Henry 300 when 21.

The sum of 750 are to be put at interest by my executors, and the interest paid to my beloved wife Frances yearly, so long as she remains my widow. If she marries, my executors are to pay her 1/2 of the 750, and the rest to my son Henry. All my plate, furniture, and servants are to be divided by my executors among my wife and all my children. I leave to my son Henry all wearing apparell and my short gun that was my late father's, also my watch, and my long silver-hilted sword, and pistols, and my books, except my account books, Bibles and Common Prayer Books, which I leave to my son and daughters Jane and Elizabeth. My executors are to sell all the rest of my real estate, and the proceeds and all the rest of my estate I leave to my 4 children, Henry, Magdalen Mary Nicoll, Jane, and Elizabeth.

I make my brother, Henry Holland, and my son in law, Benjamin Nicoll, executors.

Witnesses, Thomas Van Wyck, Cornelius Duane, Anthony Abramse.

Proved, April 12, 1759.


Will dated November 8, 1756. Probated April 12, 1759. Printed in Abstract of Wills, vol. 29 (for 1896), p.285. Some paragraphing and punctuation adjusted.

Transformed by SB and copied from an online printing.

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first posted: 9/10/12