Preliminary discussion of:

The Yeoman
Early Albany

This page will begin to consider a definition, function, and perceptions of the so-called "yeoman" in early Albany.

We begin with the understanding that the so-call "Navy" nothwithstanding, "yeoman" is not a present-day term. It has had many meanings. It also has had many perceived usages and implementations. This link begins to chronicle approaches to the term.

That said, the Wikipedia definition is a handy place to dive in.

Additionally, since yeoman probably meant laborer/worker, it has been used mostly in association with rural or agrarian rather than urban or city-based enterprises. However, the term has been used not infrequently in reference to the people of [the city of] colonial Albany.

We are not confused - just cautious as we move forward in an unknown area!

Follow this link to specific references to the yeoman on this website.



Sources: This section also should include suggestions for reading that have been of some value to us.

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