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In a relentless quest to understand the human condition as embodied in the history of people in communities, the Colonial Albany Social History Project strives to sustain three major areas of activity.

We have identified and have categorized these areas as Research, Programming, and Service. We believe that each of them is equally important and each represents a "number one" project priority. However, we struggle in good faith to balance our energies in those distinct activity areas.

The Colonial Albany Project is committed to presenting its findings on an on-going basis in a range of programs. Programs are defined as a calculated exposition of historical information.

Because they are designed by project staff and include measured quantities of historical information supporting a thesis and themes that are appropriate for specific audiences, programs represent the project's best foot forward in presenting the story of the people of colonial Albany and their world.

Programs including publications, lectures, and exhibitions are described in detail in the project's comprehensive primer known as "The Guide".

At this point, the findings of the Colonial Albany Social History Project are most easily accessed via this website.

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