The Albany Academy

Prefatory note: This offering is one step before its initial stage. It has been opened to provide a logical link to the Albany elements that follow. More information on it will be added as it is encountered. At this point, we have not made a defining connection to the enduring Albany Academy established in 1813.

Perhaps this "Academy at Albany" had been established in 1780. In 1782, recent Yale graduates Simeon Baldwin and John Lovett were called to teach at the school.

At this point, we are uncertain about a connection to the short-lived Dutch Church Academy which seems to date from 1787.

Our first priority here is to explore connections with the Albany Academy established in 1813 and in operation today!




Follow this link to more information about The Academy on this website.

From "Historical Resources" in the Guide to the Colonial Albany Social History Project:
1779SL (Acad) "Subscribers for a Seminary (Academy) in Albany" (4/8/1779)
New-York Historical Society Misc. Mss., "A"
39 names and amounts pledged

Wikipedia entry for today's same-named institution. Instutional mission and history.
John McClintock

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first posted: 6/10/09; updated 8/24/11