Pension & Family Information for Thomas Sickles - 1849

[These notes have been compiled from a variety of sources by his descendants.]



Mary Sickles widow of Thomas who died on the 6th of April 1811 of Orange Co. questionable on the county, NY who was under Capt. Sheely of the Reg. by Col. Dayton in the NJ lines for 2 years. Inscribed on the rolls of Albany to commence on the 4th day of March 1831 ending 21 Jan. 1840 when she died.

Certificate of Pension issued July 6th 1849.

written below "...Pay wife Cornelia Arnold Elizabeth Williams, Wm, and Mary Ann Sickles."
Onieda Co. NY in front of Judge Charles Hayden Esq. judge of Onieda Co. Mary Sickles a resident of the city of Utica in said county. aged 79 yrs and previously unable an application. She states that Thomas was an Ensign as well as Lieutenant in Col Dayton's Reg. of NJ in 1776 and went northward with the troops. He might have been appointed Quarter Master on 1777

The minister states He further states that he was married Thomas Sickles in NJ July 6, 1777and will appear from the family__ which was printed from the original record in the family bible for the benefit of the family and a copy of what was placed in family bible.

That the husband the aforesaid Thomas Sickles died on the 4th of April 1811 and that is below.


THOMAS SICKLES was born Feb. 14, 1749
MARY NORWOOD was born Jan. 29, 1757
Married in NJ the 6th of July 1777
Their son William Norwood Sickles born at Albany Sept. 28, 1778-Christened in NJ by Mr. Reed.
RICHARD SICKLES born 9th July 1780 Christened in Albany by Mr. Westerlo
JOHN BRAZIER SICKLES born Aug 25, 1782 Christened in Albany by Mr. Westerlo-John VanAnglon God Father.
THOMAS ANDREW SICKLES born 3d Sept. 1784 Christened by Mr. Kirkland.
CORNELIA SICKLES born at Walloomsack Nov. 15, 1786 and Christened by Mr. Wharford
GEORGE WASHINGTON SICKLES born at Walloomsack Nov. 15, 1788-Christened by the Rev. Barent S Lupton.
ELIZABETH SICKLES born Sept 3d, 1791 Christened by Mr. Whatford.
MARY ANN SICKLES born March 22, 1793 Christened by Mr. Page at Sanchoyck Church.
WILLIAM SICKLES born 20th Aug 1795
JOANNAH SICKLES born June 3, 1797 -The two last Christened by Mr. Page, Troy.
LEWIS SICKLES born at Butternutts, November 18, 1800
THOMAS SICKLES died April 4th 1811 aged 62 yrs. 1 mo and 21 days
WILLIAM N SICKLES died May 26 1785 buried in the Presbyterian Meeting house cellar, Albany.
JOHN B SICKLES died Nov. 25, 1783 aged 15 month-buried in the Presbyterian Meeting house cellar, Albany. ***************

A paper dated Jan. 9, 1841 to the child of Mary Sickles a pensioner on the roll of the Albany, NY Agency. The sum of Three Hundred dollars per annum. has been paid at the Dept. from the 4th of Sept 1839 to the 21st Jan. 1840 - the day of her death.

On last paper and was in the record. Onieda Co. NY

Mary Ann was applying for the money of pension as the surviving child of Mary Sickles, leaving the following children Richard, Cornelia wife of John Amted?, Eliza wife of John Williams, Mary Ann and Lewis Sickles.


Pension and family information copied from an online printed source. Many liberties taken with the transcription/transformation. We consider this offering only as "rough notes" and is included here in the event that this material can no longer be retrieved from its online host!

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first posted: 6/15/09