Glen House

This stone-and brick building was situated on a corner lot facing South from Steuben Street at the corner of Chapel.

Glen house at Steuben and Chapel It also was called the "Cuyler House" and sat on a lot purchased from the city by Johannes Cuyler, Jr. in 1730. The building on that site may have been erected earlier. Later it was owned by Jacob Glen. Following his death in 1746, his widow lived there thru the era of the American Revolution.

The building, which faced south on Steuben Street and had a high stone cellar, survived into the nineteenth century.

The Glen House was one of the landmark homes of early Albany. The built environment of early Albany is considered more broadly in a theme essay entitled "Homes for the People."


Sources: The Glen House from an engraving printed in Bicentennial History of Albany. Described further in Albany Architecture.

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first posted: 5/15/05