Petition for the Return of Dr. Henry Van Dyck - 1779

Albanians Petition for Dr. Van Dyck's Return

To his Excellency George Clinton Esquire Governor of the State of New York and Commander in Chief of the Militia thereof &c. &c. &c.

The Petition of the Subscribers Inhabitants and Freeholders of the City and County of Albany in the said State Humbly sheweth,

That Henry Van Dyck, late of the said City of Albany, Practitioner of among others been sent within the lines of the enemy, by the commissioners appointed to detect and defeat all Conspiracies formed against this State, by virtue of a certain act made and passed for that purpose, by the legislature of the said State.

And, whereas, we are satisfied that the said Henry Van Dyck remains with the enemy much against his Inclination, and that he is extremely anxious to return home. And we also have good reason to believe from the general tenor of his conduct during the present war that he was not, nor is he now a dangerous Person to the liberties and Independence of the American States. That by an extensive practice in physic the said Doctor was very necessary to a number of respectable Citizens and other Inhabitants of this county, whose Families, (as well as our own,) have already suffered during his banishment.

We do, therefore, most earnestly beg of your Excellency that the said Doctor Van Dyck may be permitted to return to his Family and friends. And that no detriment or Hurt shall arise to the public by such Indulgence, We do pledge ourselves for his good Behavior. And your Petitioners shall ever pray &c.

Thos. Hun, Harme Gansevoort, Thos. Shipboy, Gerard De Peyster, Garadus Beckkkman, Yoan Van Curen, Stephen Schuyler, Peter Schuyler, Stephen dj. Schuyler, Abraham Douw, Elbert Willett, James Caldwell, Martin G. Van Bergen, John Roseboom, Barent H. (?) Ten Eyck, Robert. Henry, Abraham Fonda, John Ja. Lansing, Nicholas Lansingh, John H. Ten Eyck, Wouter Knicker Backer, Pyeter Quackenbos, John P. Quacken boos, Jno R. Bleecker, John J. Gleecker, Jacob Bleecker, Gerardus Lansing, Corn's Van Schelluyne, Isaac Ver Planck, Cornelius Bogert, Henry Oothout, Jun., Hendrick Bogert, Willem Winne, John Gansevoort, Jacob Van Schalck, David Schuyler, Peter Gansevort, Jacob Roseboom, W: Mancius, Jilles De Garmo, Abraham Minderse, John Van Ness, Peter Tyckman, Volckert P. Douw, Volckert Van Vecchten, John Witbeck, Marte Mynderse, Isaac Van Aernam, Garret Roseboom, Walter Quackenboss, Jun. Cornelius Brower, Jacob _____, Cornelius Douw, John Jacob Zabriskie, Direck G. Van Schoonhoven, Dirck Roseboom, Symon Veder, John Roorbach, Hendrick Roseboom, Symon Veder, John Roorbach, Hendrick Roseboom, Eghbert Brat, Leon, Gansevoort Jun'r, Leon'd Van Buren.

Albany 13th September 1779


Printed in the Public Papers of Governor George Clinton, volume V, p. 274. Transformed from an online source by SB.

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