Petition for John Tillman, Sr. - 1779

To his Excellency George Clinton Esqr. Governor and Commander In chief of the State of New York and Admiral of the Navy of the Same &c.

Where as John Tillman, Sen'r, an Inhabitant of this place, has been appointed Deputy Commissary of Hides for the Northern Department, and as we have observ'd his Diligence In the Execution of his duty, it is with great concern that we see a person of his approved abilities, who was from his youth bred to the occupation of Cordwalner, and without any reason assign'd, superceeded by a Gentleman unknown to us

And as Mr. Tillman has been considerable time in the employment, must Consequently be better acquainted with the Different Branches respecting the Department [rather] than an utter Stranger to it.

Therefore, sensible of our duty to our Country and the Army, beg your Excellency to Consider his case, and If It appears Consistent with the Public Interest, to Continue him In the Service, which Is the Desire of your Excellency's most obedient & Very humble Servants.

Ab'm Ten Broeck, Saml. Stringer, G. V. Schaick, Leonard Gansevoort, James Gray, John N. Bleecker, Jacob Cuyler, Harme Gansevoort, John Tayler, Bastejan T. Visscher, Jer. V. Rensselaer, Jo. Young, J. Roorbach, Lucas Van Veghten, Corn's Wendell, Eph'm Van Veghten, Frans Winne, Henry Mersells, Thunis H. Visscher, Marte Mynderse, Peter Ryckman, Isaac Bogert, Robert McClallen, John Price. Edw'd Wlllit, Nicholas Marselis, Peter Schuyler, P. V. Rensselaer, Mat: Visscher, Leon. Gansevoor Jun'r, John M. Beekman, Isaac D. Fonda, John Lansing Jun'r, Gerret Groes Beck, John Ja. Lansing, Gerrit Ja. Lansing, William Hogen, Bernardus Evertsen Abra'm I. Lansing, Peter S. Schuyler, Jacob H. Wendell, Jno. H: Wendell, Abr'm' Verplanck, Jno, Waters, Josep Kidnie, Andrew Douw, Cornelius Swits, Daniel Winne, J. Henry Wendell, ____ ______, (?)____ _____, (?) John Wallers Inn Holder, Levl'nus Wine Jun., Peter Brat, John Harberk.

Albany Aug't 27th 1779.


List printed in the Clinton Papers, vol. 5, p.260. Some spelling, punctuation, and paragraphing supplied.

Transformed from on online printing by SB.

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