Order to Henry Hart - 1783


Please to let the bearer have one Pound of Tea and Six Pounds of Sugar and Charge the same to my Account.

On behalf of Nicholas Quackenbush AQM

[signed] Dirck Hunn

Albany, 8th April 1783

Mr. Henry Hart



Transformed from a scanned document of unknown provenance sent to CASHP and from the collections of the Fort Plain Museum on June 21, 2012. We seek further documentation regarding its provenance.

Several individuals named Nicholas Quackenbush are at risk. Hopefully, we will uncover the identity of the "Assistant Quartermaster."

Beginning with this item, likenesses of relevant business-related materials have begun to appear on this website. This initiative is evolving as we move forward. At this point, we include a digital image of the document whenever possible. Also, everything that we presently know about the actual document is included within this web-based offering.

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first posted: 6/21/12