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The Wendell family of early Albany descends from Evert Janse who came to New Netherland during the 1640s. His two marriages produced a large family that maintained its prominence in Albany and other business centers for many generations.

Evert Janse's sons, Johannes, Jeronimus, and Evert Janse Jr., built on their father's successes during the latter decades of the seventeenth century.

Albany-born Jacob Wendell (1691-1761) became one of the wealthiest men in colonial Massachusetts.

The third generation established the family at the highest levels of the community mainstream. The career of attorney Evert Wendell provides a blueprint for wealth and prestige in mid-eighteenth century Albany. His account book provides a fascinating window on the regional economy.

In 1756, seven Wendell-named households were listed on the Albany census.

The careers of attorney Johannes Wendell, real estate broker and processor Abraham E. Wendell, and Philip Wendell also stand out as case studies in achievement. Wendell's Mills, located along the Beaverkill was a community landmark for most of the eighteenth century. By the era of the Revolution, the family owned and otherwise held considerable city real property mostly in the first ward.

In 1790, ten Wendell-named households were configured prominently on the first Federal census for the city of Albany and three more were enumerated in surrounding Watervliet.

In 1815, the city directory listed these eleven Wendell addresses:

Wendell, Harmanus, 633 s Market
Wendell, Catalina, boarding house, 78 n Pearl
Wendell, John I, mer, 52 State
Wendell, Peter, physician, 19 Division, cor. Liberty
Wendell, Misses, boarding house, 22 Maiden lane
Wendell, widow of Philip, 112 State
Wendell, Harmanus Jr, Att. & mas. in chan., 93 n Pearl
Wendell, Daniel, skipper, 61 n Market
Wendell, Harmanus A, sup. of market, 67 Hamilton
Wendell, Jacob, cartman, Frelinghuysen
Wendell, Jacob, cartman,
Wendell, Jacob H., 27 Columbia Wendell, John H, Jus. peace, 31 n Market

Located on the hill behind the State Street family property, today's Wendell Street commemorates the holdings of a major early Albany family.

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