The story of the Waldron family of early Albany begins with the arrival of Manhattan-born Pieter Waldron during the early 1700s. Pieter's English ancestry but Holland-born father had emigrated to New Netherland and subsequently established the Waldron family in New York City. The Albany branch descends from Pieter and Tryntie's large family. Their daughter Rebecca was the mother of Albany attorney and regional operative Peter Waldron Yates.

In 1720, Pieter was the only family member to appear on a list of Albany freeholders. His death at age fifty curtained the family's emergence until his sons came of age after their father's passing.

Only the name of eldest son William Waldron was included on a list of eligible voters in 1742.

In 1756, a census of householders taken by the British army showed three Waldron-named households (William, Pieter and Mrs. Waldron) in the city. Those residences represent the height of the family's prominence in Albany.

During the 1760s, a variety of survey lists document the Waldron presence in greater Albany County. At that time, three separate households were noted at the Halfmoon.

In 1775, both Pieter and Cornelis Waldron were among the Albany subscribers for the relief of Ticonderoga.

In 1779, only the first ward lot owned by Pieter Waldron appeared on Albany assessment rolls.

After the end of the War for Independence, the names of Cornelius and Henry Waldron appeared on a list of those eligible for a "bounty right" in conjunction with the Albany city militia regiment.

By 1790, no Waldron-named households appeared on the city census while at least two Waldron families were living in surrounding Watervliet. Statewide, as many as forty Waldron-named households were enumerated on the first Federal Census. The majority of them were located in New York City and its environs.

Waldron daughters became mothers of prominent Albany families across the eighteenth century.

By 1800, the Waldron named had dropped from city rolls.

Today, the Waldron name is well represented in Albany, in old Albany County, across New York and in every region of the United States.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: This access page on the Waldron family includes basic information and sources on the family and is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. From PFS as presented online. Waldron genealogy in pdf form via E-roots

Perhaps one Resolved Waldron (1610-90) was the first member of the family in America. We still seek a first reference to him in Albany or its ancestor. A more obviously English Richard Waldron (1615-89) settled in New Hampshire.

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