Thomas Williams, Jr.


Thomas Williams, Jr. was born in November 1703. He was the son of tavernkeeper Thomas Williams and brewer's daughter Agnietie Gansevoort Williams. His father's tavern served the newcomer enclave in a part of the first ward called "Southside."

In March 1742, he married Maria Van Hoesen at the Dutch church. By 1753, three children had been christened in Maria's Albany church.

Like his father, Thomas Jr. was an innholder who also was known as a vintner. His home and establishment was in the first ward - perhaps where "Thomas Williams' Tavern" had been an Albany landmark since the beginning of the century. He seems to have lived closeby. His Albany holdings were accorded substantial assessments. His older brother had married an innkeeper's daughter and was a tavernkeeper as well.

Also like his father, Thomas Jr. was appointed Albany city and county sheriff in 1748. Although he held only the sheriff's office, he was a frequent contractor of the city government. He submitted bills for services ranging from repairing a bridge to travelling to Schaghticoke on city business. A number of celebrations and events were held at his establishment.

"Thomas Williams" seems to have owned several parcels of land within the city, petitioned for acreage elsewhere in the county, and also was a trader into the Indian country. Whether that individual was this Thomas Williams remains unclear. In 1763, his name was included on a list of Albany freeholders.

Thomas Williams, Jr. filed a will in September 1761. It stated that he was an innholder and in perfect health. It named his wife and three children as heirs. He was dead by the time it passed probate in November 1773.

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