Stephen Wynants


Referred to variously as Stephen Wynants (Winans), this individual lived in Albany during the last decades of the eighteenth century.

Family-based resources tell us that he was born in Horseneck, Connecticut in February 1746. He was the son of James and Sarah Reynolds Winans. His father's family traced its roots to New Netherland and New Jersey. His mother was of New England ancestry. He appears to have been a middle child in a large Connenctcut family. His father moved to Dutchess County where he died in 1795 and was buried in the Bethel cemetery.

Reaching thirty by the outbreak of the War, we seek information on Stephen's wartime activities and/or service.

In November 1779, "Stephen Winans" joined a number of Dutchess County people in a petition to the governor on behalf of a refugee New York City merchant.

By 1786, Stephen had married Amelia Kip also of Dutchess County. Their marriage produced a number of children - none of whom seem to have been christened in Albany churches.

In April 1779, "Stephen Wynants" was named co-executor of the estate of his friend, a Rhinebeck farmer. However, in April 1786, he was named co-executor of the will of John Pruyn of Albany. Stephen's wife Amelia was identified as an heir to Pruyn's estate.

By 1788, these Wynantses were living in Albany where his house and property in the third ward were accorded moderate assessments. In 1790, his household in the third ward was configured on the Albany census.

In August 1797, his house and stable on Montgomery Street and another dwelling house and workshop on Market Street were among those destroyed by fire. In 1799, his two lots in the third ward were valued on the city assessment roll. By that time, he appears to re-located from the city as, in 1800, his household was configured on the census for Watervliet.

For May 6, 1806, his name (Stephen Wynans) was was referenced in a transcribed record of the Albany Presbyterian church.

In a deed dated April 3, 1795, the property of Stephen Wynants within the Catskill Patent was referenced.

We seek defining information on the later life and passing of this one-time Albany resident.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Stephen Wynants is CAP biography number 6949. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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