Robert Wendell


Robert Wendell was born in September 1683. He was the eldest son in the large family of Evert Wendell, Jr. and Elizabeth Sanders Wendell. He was named for his maternal grandfather. He was identified as seven-years-old in the will filed by his father in 1690. Evert Wendell, Jr. died in 1702 when Robert was still eighteen. In 1706, his mother re-married - thus further connecting these Wendells to the prominent Visscher family.

Destined for the fur trade, he was appointed "collector" for the second ward in 1706. In 1707, he accused the sheriff of underhanded dealings with Johannes Schuyler. At that time, he was identified as an "Indian trader."

His business experience recommended him to be appointed quartermaster of the Albany troop of militia in 1715.

This Robert Wendell does not appear to have married. He was, however, a regular baptism sponsor at the Albany Dutch church.

In July 1718, the lot of ground he owned in Schenectady was referenced in a deed.

Robert Wendell died in April 1750 and was buried from the church.

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