Jochem Wessels
Stefan Bielinski

Jochem Wessels was born in Europe. By the early 1650s, he was in Beverwyck where he acquired a house lot. He was a baker in Albany until his death in 1681.

He was the husband of Geertruy Hieronimus (the widow of William Hoffmeyer). Their marriage produced at least three children. In 1657, he sued his stepson (William Hoffmeyer) for a house. He appeared frequently before the local courts! In 1658, he sold a house and lot in Beverwyck to Wouter Albertse - another baker.

In 1660, his name was on a list of people petitioning the court for more freedom in pursuit of the fur trade.

In 1679, his home was included on a list of Albany householders.

Jochem Wessels filed a will in February 1681. He died later that year.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Jochem Wessels is CAP biography number 6864. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. He does not seem to have been related to the Ten Broecks - the descendants of Dirck Wesselse! The basic biographical sketch apprears in VRBM, 844. A colorful family history is available online.

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first posted: 1/20/03