Jellis Winne


Jellis Winne was born in November 1732. He was the son of Rensselaerswyck native Kiliaen Winne and his second wife, Schenectady-born Rebecca Fonda Winne. He grew up in a large, combined family in a woodworker's home in the first ward.

In May 1754, he married Feytie Van Woert at the Albany Dutch church. By 1777, thirteen children had been christened in Albany where he was a long-time member.

These Winnes set up their home in the third ward where Jellis was a tailor and Albany mainstay for many years. During the second half of the eighteenth century, his North End holdings were accorded modest assessments. Perhaps his son was living with him and was listed under his home on the assessment roll in 1788.

In 1758, he was appointed firemaster in the third ward. In April 1772, he was appointed watchman. In 1784, he was elected assistant alderman for the third ward and was re-elected several times afterwards. In December 1784, he was appointed superintendant of the hospital - by that time a city-owned, multi-use shell. He was an active member of the city council during the 1780s.

In his fifties at the outbreak of the war, Jellis Winne could be expected to have taken a less active role. In 1778, he was one of those who would be exempted from military service because of his age. Earlier that year, however, his name appeared on the roster of those serving the Quartermaster General operating out of Albany. At that time, he was identified as "Waggon Master."

In March 1784, Jellis witnessed the will of his friend and neighbor Abraham Ver Planck.

In August of 1797, his house and stable on Watervliet (North Market near the city line ) Street were destroyed by fire. In 1800, the census configured his third ward home with two boys, an adolescent male, Jellis as the head, three younger females, and his wife.

Jellis Winne died in December 1804 and was buried from his church. In October 1813, letters of administration were issued on his estate. Jellis Winne, Jr. was either his grandson or his nephew.

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