Jellis Winne, Jr.


Jellis Winne, Jr. was born in June 1778. He was the son of Jacob and Susanna Everts Winne. He was the eldest son in the small family of a third ward mainstay. This future Albany resident was known as Jacob Winne, Jr. to distinguish him from a more prominent ancestor who died in 1804.

In 1799, his personal property was valued at $100 along with others on the wharf in the third ward. That began a long-term association with the Albany waterfront. Perhaps he was one of the young men enumerated in the third ward household of his godfather, (grandfather or uncle) Jellis Winne, in 1800.

His wife was Sara Fonda, daughter of John Fondey, Jr. who may have become Jellis's partner. The marriage produced a number of children.

By 1810, these Winnes had set up their home on lower Columbia Street. Beginning in 1813, city directories identified him as a merchant residing at 10 Columbia Street with a store and "earthen warehouse" in partnership with Fondey on Court (South Market) Street. He also was the cashier of the Bank of Albany from 1832 until his death in 1849.

In 1813, he was elected alderman for the third ward. In 1815, he was the ward supervisor.

In 1814, he was named co-executor of the estate of his father-in-law.

In 1813, he was among the officers of the "Albany Steamboat Company." In April 1823, he was named as one of the commissioners for the construction of the Albany Basin.

For several decades he was active on the Albany and Albany-area real estate market.

In 1833, he was named co-executor of the will of his friend jurist Abraham Van Vechten.

Sara Fonda Winne passed on in November 1836. Jellis Winne, Jr. died in July 1849 at the age of seventy-one.

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