Jacob A. Wendell


Jacob A. Wendell was born in May 1753. He was the youngest son of Abraham H. and Elizabeth Wendell. His mother died in 1757 leaving Abraham H. Wendell to raise a large family in his upper State Street home. Jacob would have been one of the children provided for (but not actualy named) in the will filed by his dead mother's brother in 1763.

In March 1779, his personal property was valued under the assessment of his father's home.

He appears to have served in the Revolutionary army. In February 1782, he was involved in foraging in Massachusetts to feed horses under the command of Lt. Col. Marinus Willet. Afterwards, he received a land bounty right in conjunction with the Albany militia regiment.

He married Eva (aka Mary) Swart. Between 1791 and 1803, the marriage produced four children who were christened at the Dutch church in Albany.

Perhaps he was one of the three men listed on the census in 1790 in the household of his father. By 1800, he was the head of a first ward household at a different location.

In 1791, he was identified as a member of a first ward fire engine company.

In April 1793, he was named co-executor of the will filed by his father. He was to share in the State Street home and in other properties as well. His father died in 1800. In 1799, his personal property was valued at a few pounds while he was living in the modest house and lots owned by "Jno. Mc Kinsey" and located deep in the South End of Albany.

Beginning with the first edition in 1813, he was listed in the City Directory as a cartman residing at 134 Washington (soon changed to South Pearl) and then on Frelinghuysen Streets.

Jacob A. Wendell would have been in his seventies by 1815 - his last listing in the city directory. He probably died by 1820. His widow seems to have been absorbed within other Albany households. She is said to have survived until 1831.

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