Harmanus H. Wendell


Harmanus H. Wendell was born in April 1714. He was the youngest son of Harmanus and Anna Glen Wendell. He grew up in a large family in a landmark home on upper State Street. He also was known as "Harmanus H." or "Harmanus Wendell, Jr."

He grew up in a large family in a prominent trader's home on upper State Street but lost his father in 1731. Perhaps his own marriage was delayed several years to help his widowed mother maintain the family properties.

In March 1742, he was twenty-eight when he married Albany native Catharina Van Vechten at the Albany Dutch church. By 1756, the marriage had produced nine children. Perhaps his wife died following the birth of her last child. If so, did this Harmanus Wendell marry Catherine Glen in Schenectady in 1762?

This Wendell family may have lived first in the second ward but soon settled down in a prominent Market Street location.

Harmanus H. Wendell was a leading member of the the Albany business community. Like many merchants, his assets also included substantial real estate located in greater Albany County and beyond.

In 1748, he was elected assistant alderman for the third ward and was re-elected for several years following. He was an active member of the county judiciary and often referred to as "Judge" Wendell.

In 1763, the name "harmanus H. wendell" appeared on a list of freeholders in Albany County. During the 1760s, his Albany holdings were valued moderately.

Harmanus H. Wendell filed a will in May 1769. It named his wife, Catharine, and several children as heirs. He died in February 1771. The will passed probate in April.

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