Elizabeth Williams Mott


Elizabeth Williams probably was born prior to 1750.

She was the wife of businessman-turned-Continental officer Gershom Mott. The marriage produced at least two daughters.

By the end of the war, this Mott family was living in Albany. However, no account of their family has been found in the records ot the Albany Dutch church.

Gershom Mott died in Albany in May 1786 at the age of forty-three. He was buried on May 27 from the Albany Dutch church. He died intestate and letters of administration on his estate were granted to his widow.

Elizabeth remained in Albany and was listed on the census of 1790 in the first ward. Two years earlier, her house in the heart of the first ward was valued on the city assessment roll. But in 1793, her name was not mentioned in an account of the fire that destroyed much of her part of the city.

But, by 1799, her name no longer appeared on Albany rolls.

The Dutch church burial records for July 28, 1805 noted a charge of eleven shillings for the pall and herse of "Widow Mott."

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first posted: 2/10/08