Cornelis Waldron


Cornelis Waldron was born in November 1705. He was the second son of Albany newcomers Pieter and Catharina Vandenbergh Waldron. He was an older son in the large family of an aspiring trader who died in 1725 - just shy of his fiftieth birthday. Cornelis then was twenty years old.

Not finding the young man in our latest sweep of the community-based record, perhaps he was on the frontier during three decades of peace from 1713 to 1744.

In September 1732, he married Jannetie Van Ness at the Albany Dutch church. By 1749, the marriage had produced eight children whose names honored both sets of grandparents.

Beyond church-based family information, his name seems to have eluded community-based reference following his marriage. However, children and their offspring have been tracked to Halfmoon. .

Perhaps he had served as an attorney in a land transaction in May 1754.

Cornelis Waldron died in May 1756 and was buried from his Albany church. Like his father, he had lived but fifty years. Perhaps, his widow was the "Mrs Waldrum" who was identified as "mantuamaker" on a census of Albany householders made by the British army in June of 1756.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Cornelis Waldron is CAP biography number 649. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

A family-based resource holds that he previously had married one "Cornelia Vanderpoel." No children of that marriage have been found to date.

One source holds that this subject was murdered at Schaghticoke in 1756. Similarly, a family-based resource states that he was "killed by a Hessian on May 11, 1756."

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