Claes Luycasse Wyngaert


Claes Luycasse was born about 1665. He probably was the kinsman if not the son of Luykas Gerritse and Anna Van Hoesen Wyngaert. He grew up in a Luykas Gerritse's large family in the first ward home of a trader/baker. He probably was included as one of the three men in that household on the Albany census taken in 1697.

We suspect that he was not the son of Luykas and Anna as their will filed in 1709 named another as eldest son and ignored Claes altogether.

It appears that Claes did not marry but was a regular baptism sponsor at the Albany Dutch church thru 1726.

His name began to appear in city records in 1699 when he signed a loyalty oath. In 1702 and 1709, he first ward property was valued on the Albany assessment rolls.

1702, he was appointed collector in the first ward. Over the next two decades, he served the community as assessor, surveyor, firemaster, and juror.

In 1720, the name of "Nicholas Winegaert" appeared near that of other Wyngaerts on a list of freeholders in the first ward.

Claes Luycasse Wyngaert was buried by the Dutch church in December 1730.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Claes Luycasse Wyngaert is CAP biography number 426. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. We seek information on his origins.

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