Catalina Winne Yates
Stefan Bielinski

Catalina Winne was born in October 1688. She was the daughter of Albany area farmer and ropemaker Adam Winne and his wife, Anna Loockermans Winne. Her father died while she was a baby. Her mother re-married in October 1690 and gave birth to seven more children.

In July 1706, Catharina was not yet eighteen when she married Albany blacksmith Christoffel Yates. The following spring, the first of their ten children was baptized in the Albany Dutch Church where she was a pewholder. In later years, their home was in Rensselaerswyck while Christoffel's smithy remained in Albany.

Christoffel Yates died in 1754. His widow was listed on a British army inventory of Albany households made in 1756. Catalina Winne Yates died a few years later.



the people of colonial AlbanyThe life of Catalina (Catharina/Catherine) Winne Yates is CAP biography number 2824. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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