Abraham Witbeck


Abraham Witbeck was born in August 1703. He was the son of Lucas and Catharina Van Deusen Witbeck. He probably grew up on a Rensselaerswyck farm.

By 1730, he had married Anna Van Deusen. By 1750, ten children had been christened at the Albany Dutch church where they also witnessed baptisms.

He initially set up his home in Albany's third ward where he was appointed firemaster in 1734. Earlier, in June 1732, the Albany government asked him to pave in front of his lot. In 1742, his name appeared on a list of Albany freeholders. Perhaps, he had received a lot from his father-in-law, a resident of the third ward.

In 1748, he was left the family real estate in Rensselaerswyck in the will of his brother. After the will passed probate in September 1750, he probably also was living on the farm across the Hudson. In May 1762, the city council ordered him to remove ashes from behind his third ward lot. In 1763, his name still appeared on the freeholders list.

Abraham Witbeck filed a will in October 1765. The will passed substantial holdings on the Manor and in Albany to his wife and children. At that time, Abraham was living in Rensselaerswyck. In 1766 and 1767, his East Rensselaerswyck holdings were valued substantially on the assessment rolls. In 1767, a map showed his home eastside home in the Greenbush part of the manor.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Abraham Witbeck is CAP biography number 1674. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 9/15/07