Abraham Wendell


Abraham Wendell was born in 1678. He was the eldest son in the large family of Albany leaders Johannes and his second wife, Elsje Staats Wendell. His father died in 1692 leaving Elsje a widow with eleven children.

In 1691, he was named, along with his mother and ten siblings, as an heir in the will filed by his father.

In 1695, about the time of his mother's marriage to Johannes Schuyler, Abraham was sent to New York City to learn business and trade.

In May 1702, he married Katrina De Kay. By 1717, the marriage had produced nine children who were baptized at the New York Dutch church. Perhaps three more children were born to them after 1717.

As an adult, Abraham was a successful import merchant in New York and later in Boston.

This Abraham Wendell died and was buried in Boston in September 1734. His widow lived a year longer. In 1725, their daughter, Elizabeth, married Judge Edmund Quincey.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Abraham Wendell is CAP biography number 2654. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.
Because he lived most of his substantial active life beyond Albany - and perhaps never returned after leaving the first time in 1695, the accomplishments of this Abraham Wendell (2654) are not chronicled on this website.

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