James Van Zandt


James Van Zandt was born (christened "Jacobus") in May 1765. He was the first child born to the marriage of Albany residents Ryckert and Sara Hilton Van Zandt. Also, known alternatively (and probably to avoid confusion with an older same-named uncle) as "Jacobus R. and/or Jacobus Jun. Van Zant," he was the eldest son in the large family of a Southside carpenter. It appears that he was the older brother of Albany merchant Joseph R. Van Zandt.

In 1788, the personal property of "Jacobus Van Sant Jun" was valued under the first ward holdings of Ryckert. In 1790, two adult men were counted within Ryckert's first ward household.

By 1793, he had married a woman named Mary (perhaps a daughter of their neighbors the Hooghkerks). Between then and 1802, at least five children were christened at the Albany Dutch church where both parents were occasional baptism sponsors.

In 1799, his house, lot, and personal property were valued on the first ward assessment roll. In 1800, the household of "James Van Zant" in that location included two boys, two girls, and an adult couple with the male a decade older. His census entry for 1810 accounts for the growth and development of that nuclear family.

In June 1806, his lot near Hallenbake Street was referenced in an Albany real estate transaction.

Beginning with the first city directory in 1813, his address was given as 58 Washington and then 62 South Pearl Street and his occupation listed as cooper. After 1815, his name no longer appeared in the city directory nor in the community-based resources thus far encountered.

We seek information on the later life and passing of Albany resident James Van Zandt who would have been about fifty years old in 1815.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Jacobus/James Van Zandt is CAP biography number 276. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted 1/10/17