Pieter Van Woggelum


Pieter Van Woggelum (aka "Soegemakelyk" and "Pieter Adriensz") was in New Netherland by the 1650s. Pieter Adriensz had a wooden house in Beverwyck in 1654. We seek defining information on his origins and earlier life.

He was married and had at least three children who seem to have been born in Holland. In 1691, an "Indian boy" lived with him.

He was called an innkeeper and also a skipper. In March 1684, he owed two years of back taxes in Albany but was then in New York.

In August 1684, he purchased a house and lot along the river from Claes Janse Stavast.

In 1697, his home was configured on the Albany census. Two years later, he joined with his neighbors in swearing allegiance to the king of England. Earlier, he was identified as one of the owners of lots in Schenectady.

Pieter Van Woggelum appeared before the Albany court in May 1701. In 1702, his first ward house was valued on the Albany assessment roll. After that, his name dropped from Albany annals.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Pieter Van Woggelum is CAP biography number 6050. His name is encountered in many forms in the historical record. So varied are the spellings and references that he almost defies historical description. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.
Internet resources: family information; another source asserts he married the daughter of a Mohawk sachem; Pearson for Schenectady; childhood. Additional biographical details on Pieter Adriensz can be culled from Venema Beverwijck.

first posted: 11/20/05