Gerrit Van Slichtenhorst


Traditional sources state that Gerrit Van Slichtenhorst was born in the Netherlands in 1627. He was the son of Brant Van Slichtenhorst - director of Rensselaerswyck and Aeltje van Wenckum Van Slichtenhorst. He may have come to New Netherland with his father in 1648.

His father returned to Holland about 1660 and Gerrit seems to have represented Van Slichtenhorst family interests in America after that. In that year, he was counted among the most prominent Beverwyck-based fur traders. In 1668, Gerrit also made a trip to the Netherlands to deal with his father's estate.

In 1672, he married Alida (Aeltie) Lansing. At that time, he was identified as a Schenectady magistrate and/or commissary. The marriage produced at least five children.

In 1679, his name was included on a census of Albany householders. In addition to a number of Albany parcels, he also owned property at Claverack.

Gerrit Van Slichtenhorst filed a will and died in Kingston in January 1684. His sister was the wife and widow of Philip Pieterse Schuyler. With Gerrit's passing, the Van Slichtenhorst family name dropped from Albany rolls.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Gerrit Van Slichtenhorst is CAP biography number 5879. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. A colorful incident in his life was related by folk historian Carl Carmer.

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