Dirck Van Schelluyne


Dirck Van Schelluyne was born in July 1684. He probably was the eldest son of Albany residents Cornelis Dirckse and Geertje Visscher Van Schelluyne. He grew up in a leatherworker's home and (at least in his youth) probably helped work his father's pits in Albany's second ward.

in 1715, his name appeared on an Albany militia roster He was named constable for the second ward in 1710 and firemaster in 1715 and 1717. In that year, he sought to purchase land from the Albany corporation.

In December 1722, he was thirty-nine when he married thirty-year-old Maria Van Ness at the Albany Dutch church. She died after bearing two children. In December 1735, Dirck was fifty-one when he re-married. His second wife was Albany native Elizabeth Roseboom. His bride was thirty-eight and That union produced only one child.

Curiously, he does not seem to have been among the heirs named in the will filed by a brother in 1743.

An Albany mainliner for fifty years, his name appeared on a list of voters in 1742. He was a merchant who lived in the second ward. The census in 1756 noted that he lived in "a good house".

Dirck Van Schelluyne died near the end of 1759 and was buried by his church. By that time, his son Cornelis, had taken over his affairs and was left to care for Dirck's widow.

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