Anna Margarita Van Schaick


Anna Margarita Van Schaick was born in December 1702. She was the daughter of Anthony and Maria Vanderpoel Van Schaick. She grew up as the youngest child in the large family of a prominent businessman, property owner, and city official. However, unlike all of her surviving siblings, Anna Margarita does not appear to have married.

In January 1737, she was named along with her mother, three living siblings, and two deceased brothers in the will filed by her father. Thirty-five at the time, she appears to have been well provided for (including a house on State Street that she was to share with her sister) although the testator still did expect that Anna Margarita would marry. However, her father was dead within a month and the unmarried Anna Margarita probably lived under the family umbrella for more than the next twenty years.

We seek more definitive information for her life during the 1740s and 50s.

Anna Margarita Van Schaick filed a will in March 1761. It named her living siblings and the children of her deceased brothers as heirs. The will passed probate in December 1763. This unmarried early Albany woman had lived for sixty-one years.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Anna Margarita Van Schaick is CAP biography number 3994. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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