Alida Van Schaick (Goewy)


In 1750, Alida Van Schaick, the deceased wife of one Solomon Goewy, was named in the will filed by her mother. Thus, she would have been the daughter of Sybrant Van Schaick and Elizabeth Vanderpoel Van Schaick. Her birth does not seem to have been recorded in extant family-based materials. No children were named in the will filed by her father in November 1683. Sybrant was dead by 1686 when her mother remarried. Thus, Alida would have been born during the mid-1680s.

She is thought to have married widower Salomon Goewy. In March 1714 their first child was baptized at the Albany Dutch church. By 1723, at least four more children had been christened in Albany.

In October 1726, "Solomon Goewick's wife" was buried from the Albany Dutch church. Two years later, Goewy married again. That marriage also produced children. Goewy was still alive in 1750.

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