Philip Verplanck


Philip Verplanck was appointed sheriff of Albany in 1722. He apparently held that office for a year and was replaced by former sheriff Thomas Williams in September 1723. He seems to have been an Albany resident during the 1720s.

This individual was born in June 1695. He was the son of Samuel and Ariaantie Bayard Verplanck of New York City. Pieter and Johannes Schuyler were said to have been his godfathers. His father was lost at sea in 1698.

This younger son became a surveyor of some note and that business probably brought him to Albany.

Philip married Gertrude, the only daughter of Johannes Van Cortlandt, in April 1718. She ultimately would inherit a portion of the Westchester manor - but apparently not directly thus placing her husband in the spotlight. Their long marriage produced nine children - four of whom were christened at the Albany Dutch church between 1721 and 1727.

In August 1722, he was identified as a surveyor and "of Albany" when he was brought before the city magistrates for making a bonfire outside the city gates and for "making a disturbance" drinking to the health of the king. The so-called transgression occurred in May. That September, he was appointed sheriff by the royal governor.

Following his term as sheriff, he represented the Manor of Cortlandt (Westchester County) in the provincial Assembly from 1734 to 1768. Residing on the Manor, he was prominent in provincial affairs throughout that time.

In March 1762, he was made co-executor of the estate of his upriver cousin. At that time, he was identified as living on the "Manor of Cortlandt."

According to a family bible, Philip Verplanck, Esq., a resident of the Manor of Cortlandt died on October 13, 1771. He had lived 77 years. His widow survived until 1766.

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