Abraham Isaacse Verplanck


One time Albany resident, Abraham Isaacse probably was not the son of Guleyn and Hendrickse Wessels Verplanck who was born in 1674 as some family-based sources claim. However, he was one of a number of boys named for the founder of this early American Verplanck family. He often was referred to as "Abraham Isaacz." His ancestry has been and is puzzling. We seek information on this Abraham's early years and path to Albany.

About 1687, this individual married Anna Sickles (but probably not in Albany). By 1695, at least five children were christened at the Albany Dutch church where both parents had been counted as members from the earlier recordings of the church. Their first son was named Isaac and the second Zacharias.

In August 1695, city records identified "Ab. Isaaks" as the "Fort Sluyter" (perhaps the gate closer) when he submitted his bill for services.

His name does not appear on the city and manor censuses for 1697. However, in that year two men were counted in the first ward household of Isaac Verplanck - probably his uncle. Two years later, "Abraham Verplank" was among the residents of Albany and its environs who signed a loyalty oath to the royal governor. After that, his name seems to have dropped from the community-based record.

The subsequent life of this onetime Albany resident continues to elude our ongoing sweeps of community, family, and Internet-based resources. Thus, we move on for now!

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Abraham Isaacse Verplanck is CAP biography number 1100. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted 1/20/14