Pieter Danielse Van Olinda
Stefan Bielinski

Pieter Danielse Van Olinda was a farmer, tailor, and sometime fur trader. He probably was born in Europe. He has been identified as one of the original patentees of Schenectady. In 1674, he was among those invited to the funeral of the director of Rensselaerswyck - where he held property.

By that time, he had become the husband of half-breed interpreter Hilletie Van Slyck. He was the father of a number of her children including three sons who were still alive in 1715.

In 1697, Pieter Danielse was identified as an Albany householder. In 1701, he joined other Albany Protestants in a petition to the governor. He held no municipal offices and he was not identified as an Albany property holder on assessment rolls for the first decade of the eighteenth century.

Pieter Danielse filed a will in August 1715. At that time, he noted that he was a tailor and was living in Rensselaerswyck. He owned a house just outside the south gate of the Albany stockade, leased land in Rensselaerswyck, held property near the Cohoes Falls, and also owned a lot on the flats above Schenectady. Much of this real estate came to him through the work of his wife, the then late Hilletie Van Slyck!

Pieter Danielse Van Olinda died in 1716. After the passing of his sons, the surname was no longer found on Albany city rolls!



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Pieter Danielse Van Olinda is CAP biography number 5302. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. He sometimes was referred to as "Vanderlinde" or "Vanderlyn." He should not be confused with Schenectady resident Pieter Danielse Van Antwerpen!

As he was naturalized in 1715, he probably was not born in America!

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