Jurrian Janse Van Hoesen


Jurrian Janse Van Hoesen probably was born during early 1640s. He was the eldest surviving son born to Jan Franse and Volkie Van Hoesen. They all emigrated to New Netherland about 1645. They may have immediately taken up residence in the vicinity of Fort Orange. They later settled near Claverack where Jan Franse is said to have died in 1667.

By the mid-1650s, Jurrian Janse was appearing before the Beverwyck court. He was identified in the records as a glazier and as the renter of a house. He also was involved in the fur trade.

Jurrian Janse married Catharina Caspers Hallenbeck. The marriage produced at least two sons.

In 1679, his name appeared on a census of Albany householders. In 1684, he owed back taxes. In 1687, his name appeared on a list of Albany merchants. In 1697, his home was configured on the Albany census.

Although Jan France had been dead for a half century, letters of administration on his estate were not issued to Jurrian until 1703. After that, his name no longer appeared on albany rolls.

Jurrian Janse Van Hoesen appears to have died at Claverack about 1711.

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