Wilhelmus Vandenbergh


Wilhelmus Vandenbergh was born in June 1692. He was the son of Willem Gysbertse and Catharina Vanderpoel Vandenbergh. He was a middle child in the family of a cartman who lived in the North End of Albany. He was known as "Wilhelmus" as other "William Vandenberghs" were living in Albany County at that time.

In 1714, he was identified as one of four living sons and named as an heir in the will of his father. The next year, he was listed on the roster of an Albany militia company.

In October 1716, he married Geertie Vandenbergh at the Albany Dutch church. By 1731, seven children had been christened in Albany.

In April 1728, he and a partner were granted a six year lease to dig clay in the city of Albany.

Perhaps following the death of his father by 1728, these Vandenberghs lived in the third ward where Wilhelmus was named firemaster in 1731 and a freeholder in 1742 and in 1763. He was known as a mason and was compensated by the city government for services provided.

In September 1743, The city government was improving Albany's fortifications and sought to acquire some of his Albany land. Wilhelmus declined and the council ordered the land to be appraised as Vandenbergh refused to sell it at a reasonable price. The results are not known.

In 1748, his house and lot in the third ward was described in the will of Dirck Ten Broeck. In May 1749, he was named co-executor of his brother's estate.

Wilhelmus Vandenbergh lived into the 1760s when his modest third ward holdings were valued on city assessment rolls. After that, his name dropped from community-based resources.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Wilhelmus Vandenbergh is CAP biography number 5861. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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