Volkert Vandenbergh


Volkert Vandenbergh was born in December 1704. He was the son of Wynant W. and Volkie Van Hoesen Vandenbergh. He was an older son in a large family of a North End brickmaker and property holder. He was named in the will filed by his father in 1749. At that time, his mother was dead but four siblings also were named to inherit his father's estate.

His wife was Catharina Huyck. Between 1730 and 1748, eight children were christened at the Albany Dutch church where they were regular baptism sponsors.

These Vandenberghs raised their family in Rensselaerswyck but he seems to have gained control over his father's brickyard and other Albany property as well. In 1742 and 1763, he was counted among the Rensselaerswyck freeholders. In 1747, his lot on the road leading to the Manor House was noted in the will of the Patroon. During the 1760s, Volkert Vandenbergh was listed as the owner of third ward lots.

In September 1766, he filed a will. Living in Rensselaerswyck, it stated that he was sickly. A substantial estate was divided among his five living children. His wife probably had died as she was not mentioned in the will.

Volkert Vandenbergh was dead by July 16, 1767 when his will passed probate.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Volkert Vandenbergh is CAP biography number 2441. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Two decades after this individual's passing, a "Volkert W. Vandenbergh" leased a farm in the east manor.

Catharina Huyck: We seek information on her background and on their marriage which is not found in the printed records of the Albany Dutch church.

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