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The Van Deusen family of early Albany descends from Abraham Pieterse and Tryntje Melchiors who, following their marriage in Haarlem in 1629, emigrated to New Netherland. Perhaps their six surviving children had been born in Europe as well.

They settled in New Amsterdam where Abraham Pieters attained wealth and status prior to the English takeover in 1664. He died a few years later.

The first son, Mattheus Abrahams, settled in Beverwyck during the 1650s. By the time of his death, the family was known regionally as "Van Deusen."

In 1697, the Albany census listed Melgert and Tewisse Abrahams - and their kinsmen Harpert Jacobse and Willem Jacobse Van Deusen, as Albany householders.

From that time on, the family maintained a small but consistent presence in Albany. However, during the eighteenth century, the Van Deusens spread across old Albany County and beyond.

In 1756, only the household of carpenter John Van Dusen was described on the census of householders in the city taken by the British army.

Manhattan native Maria Van Deusen was the wife of Albany patriot officer Dirck Schuyler, Jr. In 1779, six separate Van Deusen properties were valued on the Albany assessment roll. After the War for Independence, five Van Deusens were included on the land bounty list in conjunction with the city militia regiment. Maybe a number of Van Deusens from downriver had taken refuge in Albany during the war years.

In 1790, six Van Deusen households were named on the census for the city of Albany.

In 1813, four Van Deusen addresses appeared in the first city directory. They were a carpenter, physician, and two widows.

The Van Deusen name celebrates two distinguished American historians Albert and Glyndon G. Van Deusen) who lived during the twentieth century.

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